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SHFT Sampler 11-24-10

  • Posted by on November 24, 2010 in All
  • Si bravo! Europe's largest solar farm just opened for business in Italy.

    Audi announced a plug-in hybrid to drop in 2014. No details yet, but it will be designed by the same people who brought us the bonkers e-tron concept car.

    The always mind-expanding But Does it Float posted an amazing selection of pics from Swiss-Italian photographer Sylvia Mogni.

    Miami local Barbara de Vries is showing at the Arts for a Better World exhibition during Art Basel Miami next week. The eco artist's installation, inspired by La Casa de Botellas, will be built from 2,000 plastic water bottles. (via Act Natural)

    Tundra tube! Richard Carbonnier's steel tube home in the Canadian Arctic is built "to suit – and tread lightly on – the polar environment.”





    One Plastic Beach

  • A California couple transforms plastic beach debris into stunning artwork
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  • Solar Stove by GoSun

  • This portable, cylindrical solar oven is powerful enough to cook an entire meal
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  • Tower of Power

  • Is concentrated solar power the future of renewable energy? A Guardian video shines a light on the world's first commercial solar tower.
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