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SHFT Sampler 2-25-11

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on February 25, 2011 in All
  • Falling Up: Almost a year ago, we happily reported that global deforestation rates were falling sharply, thanks in large part to less logging in the Amazon. But newly released study, is turning our upside-down frowns back around again. The figures in the report say that Amazon deforestation rates are up 1000% from last year.

    Dirty Air Act: Faced with stiff pressure from Congressional Republicans, the EPA announced it will scrap tough emissions regulations for industrial boilers and incinerators around the country. The agency says that the lighter approach will achieve all the health benefits of the more stringent regulations, at half the cost. Hmmm.

    Deez Green Nutz: In green marketing news, Planters unveiled its green new Nutmobile this week. The peanut-shaped vehicle runs on biodiesel and has solar panels, a wind turbine, LED interior lighting, recycled parts, and reclaimed wood floors.

    Sea Change: Greenpeace USA has scored a major victory on behalf of the seas. The group led a campaign pressuring Costco to improve its seafood policies, and dammit, it worked. Costco announced has agreed to remove over a dozen red list items from its shelves, in addition to pursuing better aquaculture practices and helping lead the effort to develop a sustainable tunea industry. Nice job!

    Speaking of seafood, this Sunburst Trout recipe looks goooooood.





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