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SHFT Sampler 6-24-10

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on June 24, 2010 in All
  • Visualizing the spill: From our friends at GOOD, an animated simulation of a 25,000-barrel oil spill — less than half the estimated daily amount gushing into the Gulf.

    Dropping the ball: A scathing account of the U.S. Interior Department's handling of the offshore oil industry.

    Oh phew, at least there's that: Oil-Splattered BP Promises Uninterrupted Flow of Art Funding.

    The type of green marketing we like: New line of Electrolux vacuum cleaners turns plastic ocean pollution into useful products.

    Planting on the Ritz: Lux hotel chain replaces plastic water bottles with plant-based versions.

    Photo: AP





    Morgan Maassen: Water

  • Lyrical ode to liquid wonder from LA surf photog
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  • Soma Water Filter

  • Sleek, sustainable water filter supports charity: water
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  • Oil Spill Flows On

  • Atlantic coast under threat as tar balls wash up in Florida Keys.
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