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SHFT Sampler 7-7-10

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on July 7, 2010 in All
  • In London, the "seriously water stressed" UK capital confronts summer water shortages with a creative — and very British — solution: A new bio-diesel desalination plant that will run partly on used vegetable oil from fish-and-chip shops.

    Also in London, the newly erected Speedo Swimsuit Pavilion is made from obsolete swim suits. True story.

    Upgrade the grid: The US electricity grid, still reliant on 1960s tech, wastes power and discourages the use of renewable energy sources.

    Wild American Shrimp: Michael Koehler's gritty Gulf Coast photography. (via GOOD)

    Endangered animals as graffiti walls: WWF campaign asks, "What will it take before we respect the planet?"

    Photo: Michael Koehler





    Richard Mosse: The Impossible Image

  • The Irish photographer reveals the stories behind the making of his latest film, 'The Enclave'
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  • Edun/Ryan McGinley T-Shirt

  • Edun teams with top photographer to benefit elephant conservation
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  • People's Meeting Dome, Denmark

  • A fantastic deconstructed geodesic dome built with recycled wood
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