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SHFT Sampler 9-2-10

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on September 2, 2010 in All
  • Pier Pressure: From The World's Best Ever, British art prankster Banksy makes a sly comment on the BP oil spill with this “reconditioned dolphin ride with crude oil and a tuna net.”

    The Dirty Dozen: Mother Jones hips us to the 12 least sustainable seafoods from this year's Smart Seafood Guide, published by Food & Water Watch. The guide takes into account not only health and environmental issues, but also the seafood's socioeconomic impact.

    A day after California lawmakers dropped the ball on banning plastic bags, American Samoa did the right thing, announcing that is is instituting its own ban. Thanks Huff Post for the tip.

    Light bulb moment: The Duke University Center For Behavioral Economics has developed an iPhone app that shows users how much energy and money their lights are eating up. Dig the name: Negawatt.

    Home insulation? Sneakers? Stationery? It's Ecouterre's 7 Unexpected Ways to Recycle Old Jeans.





    The Farmer and The Bluefin

  • The Perennial Plate takes a looks at the controversial practice of tuna farming
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  • Palm Leaf Plates by Leafware

  • Fallen palm leaves transformed into sustainable dinnerware
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  • Plastic Bag Ban Passed in L.A. County

  • County to become the largest government entity in the country to enact a ban.
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