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Skyfarm by Manuel Dreesmann

  • Posted by SHFT on February 21, 2012 in Design
  • With his Skyfarm project, German designer Manuel Dreesmann delivers a futuristic, conceptual take on ornamental hanging plant baskets. Conceived for high-rise apartment buildings with small balconies that leave little room for conventional planter boxes, Skyfarm consists of a series of "Skypots" -- white acrylic pots with transparent lids that are strung from the balcony ceiling. Looking like something out of a sci-fi flick, the visual effect is surreal and very cool.

    Each Skypot features a retractable handle so that when you need to water or harvest your veggies, you simply pull the handle down so the pot is at a reachable height. Pull it again and the Skypot heads skyward again.

    The whole thing is informed by the need for new food-growing solutions for the ballooning global population. In a statement, Dreesmann explains the idea behind the design:

    We are facing big global issues in the next decades.

    Our own consumption of energy and materials give by mother nature is way too much to keep our global system running in the future as it is at the moment. We as the first generation of its kind have to make a global change to reduce our consumption. In order to this we have to grow our food as near to our homes as possible to reduce the negative environmental impact by transportation. More and more people become citizens and so by now there are more people living in urban than in rural areas. So how can we provide a solution for the minimalistic space that’s available for them to grow food? 

    With the growth of cities the height of the buildings is raising. And so there are less gardening spaces but more balconies. So my idea is to use this minimal space on the balcony to grow your own food. But most of the balconies offers small space for gardening. The space on the floor is mostly needed for placing your chair and tables. But they offer a lot of unused space above your head. This is the space for the skyfarm!

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