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Solar-Powered Safari Lodge in Botswana

  • Posted by Peter Glatzer on May 11, 2015 in Architecture
  • Within Botswana's lush Okavango Delta sits the standout Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge, designed with its breathtaking surroundings in mind. Architects Michaelis Boyd and Nick Plewman based the curvaceous structure's cocoon-like design on the pangolin, an endangered scaly creature that is native to the diverse African bush. The building itself not only blends in with the landscape, it also contains 12 inner suites that take on the appearance of weaverbird nests, with massive timber arches that are reminiscent of a cathedral. To keep the focus on the scenery and wildlife, the interior features minimalist decor that cuts back on unneeded materials. 

    The most important aspect of the design for the architects is that it is environmentally friendly. The outer surface is covered in natural, locally sourced shingles and woven saplings, making the structure concrete-free. Keeping the emphasis on the natural landscape, the building opens toward the nearby Sandibe River, providing both natural lighting and ventilation. When electricity is needed, a solar panel farm generates the lodge's power, keeping their environmental footprint to a minimum. 

    Posted by Anna Gragart

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