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States Make EV Pledge

  • Posted by SHFT on October 25, 2013 in Transportation
  • Citizens of eight U.S. states are going to start seeing a lot more electric vehicles on the road, thanks to a landmark agreement between governors this week. The agreement, signed by the governors of New York and California — along with Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont — calls for 3.3 million zero-emissions cars by 2025, up from the 165,000 currently on the road and 15 times the amount projected for 2015.

    Zero-emission vehicles include battery-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles. The key to getting more of them on the road, say the governors, is the right mix of infrastructure and incentives, including favorable electricity rates for home charging systems, purchasing clean cars for government fleets, and developing common standards for roadway signs and charging networks.

    From Reuters:

    The governors said ramping up the number of clean cars will provide a major foothold in the battle to reduce heat-trapping greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere.

    The rise of electric vehicles will also save drivers on fuel costs over time, they said. Electricity is the most widely available source of power and typically costs about two-thirds less than gasoline on a per-mile basis. By 2025, the average zero-emission vehicle driver will save nearly $6,000 in fueling costs over the life of the car, they said.

    "This is not just an agreement, but a serious and profoundly important commitment," said California Governor Jerry Brown.

    (via HuffPo)

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