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Stylish, Sustainable Footwear by Martha Davis

  • Posted by SHFT on February 29, 2012 in Fashion
  • Considering her background in industrial design, it should come as no surprise that Martha Davis takes a structural approach to designing footwear. "My approach is always fairly architectural," she explained to Cool Hunting. "I don't do a lot of decorating."

    The multifaceted designer, who has more than twenty patents registered in the US, spent the last few months at San Francisco's Workshop Residence, handcrafting a unique range of women's shoes using local, sustainable materials. 

    The collection, which debuted last week, features three designs that combine chic minimalism with warm, natural materials like locally-sourced, veggie-tanned leather, and wood upcycled from charred forest fire wood and discarded wooden trolley brakes.


    The shoes are available for purchase here.  

    (via Cool Hunting)





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