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  • Posted by on February 22, 2010 in Design
  • Jim Denevan is an environmental renaissance man. Famous for his mega land art installations, the artist is also an accomplished chef whose Outstanding in the Field initative is a traveling culinary adventure that connects people with local ingredients and producers.

    In "Siberia," Denevan's latest major artwork,



    “For me, marking the earth is an opportunity to measure and consider what is directly at hand and what is cosmic,” says Californian chef-turned-artist Jim Denevan, “The big curves I cut in the earth are intimate and superfluous,” he continues. "They can be considered or ignored. They are left.” Today, we present a gallery of the world's finest collisions between art and land.

    Artist Jim Denevan is in pursuit of the impermanent. From the vanishing curl of a wave to sand briefly stilled between tides, nature's fleeting moments are his stock-in-trade. The frozen surface of Siberia's Lake Baikal presented a shifting, snow-blanketed canvas for Denevan's specific brand of art: massive geometrical patterns carved into the earth, ever vulnerable to the elements.

    _These images document Denevan's quest to create history's largest work of art, while also illuminating the simple, arresting beauty of the natural world that he so keenly reveres.

    Featured at The Anthropologist dd

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