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The Death of the Plastic Bag

  • Posted by SHFT on June 6, 2012 in Politics
  • Poor plastic grocery bags. It must be hard to know that your time is coming to a close. And make no mistake, after L.A. councillors voted 13-1 to ban single use bags in the city, the end is nigh, indeed. 

    L.A. is but the latest in a growing number of American cities and regions that are ditching single use plastic bags. But this time it's different.

    When Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco instituted bans, no one was particularly surprised -- there are probably more environmentalists in those three cities than the rest of the country combined. Hippie habits die hard. When Toronto did it, that was no big surprise either, because... well... it's in Canada. When Washington D.C. made the move, it made sense too -- the federal capital should look pretty for foreign dignitaries. Hawaii did it because its entire economy relies on its stunning natural beauty.

    But L.A.? We're talking about a the second largest city in the country. And we all know how little New Yorkers like to be one-upped by its west coast rival. A Big Apple ban is surely coming soon.

    With the L.A. ban, plastic bags can no longer hide behind arguments about the economy or convenience. If one of America's least sustainable cities can do it, any of them can. And no one is going to shed any tears when they do.

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