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The Water Tank Project

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on February 24, 2012 in Art
  • Environmental nonprofit Word Above the Street is organizing a mass public art project to promote sustainability and raise awareness of water issues. In spring 2013, several hundred of New York City's ubiquitous water towers will be adorned with designs created by a bevy of big name artists, including Ed Ruscha, Thom Yorke and Jay-Z. The exhibition in the sky is appropriately called The Water Tank Project

    "We’re hoping this project inspires New York to become more sustainable," said Mary Jordan, the organization’s founder, adding that the project also aims "to promote New York City tap water and lower our consumption of plastic waste."

    Outfitted with eye-popping, oversized imagery, the water tanks will stand out from the ordinary urban backdrop, offering New Yorkers a daily reminder that the earth's water supply is under duress. 

    An open call for design proposals is currently taking place. If you want to show off your art skills and make a point about water conservation, submit your ideas to The Water Tank Project.

    Photos courtesy of The Water Tank Project





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