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Trim the Waste of Fashion

  • Posted by SHFT on August 10, 2011 in Fashion
  • We all love denim. But did you know that it takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce a single pair of jeans? True story. That, along with the other innumerable environmental sins of the fashion industry, is why "Trim the Waste of Fashion" is such a good idea. Created by Yoxi, a web platform that challenges startups to solve pressing problems (kind of like a Kickstarter for social good), Trim the Waste of Fashion is looking for style innovators to come up with solutions for fashion industry excess.

    The challenge:

    In the nearly $1 trillion clothing industry, waste abounds from the estimated 15-20% of fabric trashed on the cutting room floor, unsustainable material sourcing, massive carbon emissions when transporting products from manufacturing centers, gallons upon gallons of wasted and polluted water during washing and dyeing, as well as wildly excessive packaging, tagging, and storage. Fashion choices matter to everybody, not just models, magazine and style mavens. That’s why we’re challenging teams to reduce waste and increase sustainability in our clothes.

    The first round of public voting to determine the six finalists wrapped up yesterday, with results going up later this week. Take a look at some of the videos created by nominees to pitch their ideas.

    To win the grand prize of $40,000, the finalists will be judged by a star-studded panel of experts that includes SHFT compadres Angela Lindvall, and Rogan Gregory and Scott MacKinlay-Hahn, founders of Loomstate (pictured above).

    The winners will be announced on September 15.





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