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Urban Patterns by Jared Lim

  • Posted by Neil Simonton on June 28, 2013 in Photography
  • In an increasingly urbanized world, it's great to find photography that celebrates the beauty of the built environment. These pics from  Jared Lim definitely do just that. From his home base in Singapore--a country that's entirely urban--Jared travels the globe to capture images of city structures and forms. His series Urban Exploration reveals the the geometric collection of curves, lines, patterns and abstract designs found in the city. The series is broken down into three distinct categories: monochrome, color and street. Here we bring you photos from his color series, which includes shots of tall skyscrapers, vacated stadiums and glass ceilings. .

    “I have always loved geometry, lines, curves, pattern and abstract designs," he says. "Architecture seems like a great way to express them. My added advantage of traveling to most major cities for my work gives me great opportunities."

    Check out more of Jared's work here.

    (via Visual News)





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