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  • Posted by on March 15, 2010 in Design
  • If the founders of YikeBike have their way, the future of personal urban transportation will evoke memories of the 19th century.

    Known in e-bike circles as a "mini-farthing," the penny farthing-inspired design features a large front wheel, small rear wheel, and mustache handlebars.

    Unveiled recently at the Eurobike conference, the carbon-fiber, battery-powered YikeBike is both super light and fully portable, with the ability to fold neatly into a briefcase-sized bag.

    The drawbacks? For one, price: a new YikeBike will set you back over $5,500. Also, while it looks like quite a bit of fun, you will look more than a little ridiculous riding one.

    For more, visit the YikeBike website, read a Wired review of the product, and watch a YikeBike promo video.




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