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9 Varietal Honey Flight

  • Bee Raw Honey provides a complete honey tasting from around the country
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    Artisanal beekeeping is alive and well in America, and Brooklyn's Bee Raw Honey proves it with the 9 Varietal Honey Flight, which offers a complete tasting of honey groves from around the country. Every honey is as unique as its floral source, and each of these nine varietals is an honest and irresistable representation of its floral origin. Includes a combination of nine of the following honeys: Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange Blossom, Cranberry, Buckwheat, Sage, Sweet Yellow Clover, Basswood, Sourwood, and Star Thistle. The vials are hand-corked and sealed with bees wax, then fitted in a handcrafted oak block in a ribbon-enclosed gift box.

    Made in USA.




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