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Chez Panisse Line by Heath Ceramics

  • Organic elegance from the rejuvenated California pottery company
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    Founded by the mid-century legend Edith Heath, Heath Ceramics has been producing simple, beautiful artisanal pottery at its Sausalito, California plant since 1948. The company was purchased in 2004 by designers Robin Petravic and Catherine Bailey, whose collaborative products are helping push the brand into the future -- while remaining true to its heritage. 

    The Chez Panisse collection, a collaboration with chef/food activist Alice Waters and designer Christina Kim, features earth-toned cups, bowls, and plates created for Waters' famed restaurant. Equally appropriate in a bistro or at home, the Drake dinnerware set is simple, modern pottery at its finest.  

    *The complete dinnerware set looks to be sold out at the moment. Individual items from the collection are available here.




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