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Chocolate Googly Eyes

  • Playful Pop Art-inspired chocolate by Mary & Matt
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    From the never-not-fun chocolate collection by Mary & Matt come these Chocolate Googly Eyes -- the perfect gift for anyone with a sweet tooth and sense of humor. Designers by trade, Mary Mattson and Matt Even launched Chocolate Editions in 2009 as a fun creative outlet. While they produce the artisanal, small-run sweets in their Brooklyn kitchen, they don't consider themselves part of the locavore/Slow Food movement that's so prevalent in the borough.

    "We’re totally on the other side of things," says Matson. "We want to use good ingredients, too, but our take is a little more pop, a little sweeter — more what you remember as a child."

    Googly eyes made of chocolate? That certainly fits the bill.




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