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FreshPaper by Fenugreen

  • Protect food organically with this biodegradable paper
  • $4.99
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    Food waste is a big problem, and we're all guilty of it. Besides being a waste of money, time and energy, unused food that ends up in landfills is one of the main sources of greenhouse gases. 

    Enter Fenugreen FreshPaper, a sheet of herb-infused paper that inhibits mold and bacteria growth when slipped into a bowl of fruit, pantry, or vegetable drawer. Developed by entrepreneur Kavita Shukla, FreshPaper contains a patented blend of spices that can keep produce fresh for up to four times longer than without. Each biodegradable, certified organic sheet lasts two to three weeks. 

    “As we start to learn more about what’s going on with food waste, we realize that there’s water involved, there’s energy costs, land, resources, that go into creating the food that we eat,” Shukla says. “And with the economy, people are becoming much more conscious of being wasteful at home, because they know not only are they struggling, but there are people in the U.S. that have no access to fresh food at all.”

    FreshPaper is available online in a sample pack of 8 sheets for $4.99, or 10 packs of 8 for $42.99.




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