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Further Hand Lotion

  • Rich, luxuriant hand lotion derived from eco-friendly biofuel
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    Founded by a husband-and-wife team in Los Angeles, Further makes soaps, lotions and candles from locally sourced, depleted vegetable oils that are refined into biofuel. The used oils are collected from restaurants (like Mario Batali's Mozza group) then processed to provide fuel for the Further car fleet and glycerin for their products -- which are stocked in the bathrooms of the very restaurants the oils are collected from. "It's the perfect, sustainable circle," they say. 

    As for their products, Further's hand lotion is as rich and luxuriant as lotions get. And it smells soooo good. Start with an 8-ounce bottle and see if you don't get hooked and go bigger next time. We did. 




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