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Honey Coconut Mask

  • From Earth Tu Face
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    Smooth and Regenerate / Garden Roses, Lavender + Raw Honey + Organic Virgin Coconut

    Our organic Honey + Coconut Mask moisturizes, soothes, and rejuvenates skin with the help of virgin coconut oil, honey, as well as lavender and rose petals harvested from our Northern California gardens. Honey is a powerful humectant— a substance that draws its moisture from the atmosphere and keeps it from escaping—and therefore is a helpful remedy for dehydrated skin. Virgin coconut oil is also richly hydrating and is high in antioxidants that prevent destructive free-radical activity, known to be the primary cause of aging. Rose petals tone and tighten skin while diminishing redness and blotchy areas. Lavender excels at soothing irritation and fading blemishes while providing stress relieving aromatherapy. Apply generously to damp skin after cleansing and allow to remain for 5-15 minutes. Wash away with warm water. 


    This product contains organic honey, organic virgin coconut oil, organic garden rose petals, and organic garden lavender flowers, organic lavender essential oil. 


    2oz/29.57 ml




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