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La Amarilla de Ronda (LA) Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils

  • Hyperrealistic pencil portrayals of nature.
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    Hundreds of years ago, the nuns pertaining to a closed order living in Ronda, Andalusia began to produce olive oil from olives harvested from century year old olive trees. Designer Philippe Starck and enologist Michel Rolland have collaborated to create an ecologically produced La Amarilla de Ronda (LA) organic extra virgin olive oils from Andalucia, Spain in this same tradition. All of the olives used for La Amarilla are grown organically in Spain's southernmost region of Andalusia. Produced from the fruity organic trees, it represents the quality, complexity and true tradition of the Andalusian olive oil culture. Not only do the oils sit well on the palate, they're pretty swell looking too. Protected from the light to prevent spoilage, the oils come dressed in Starck's cool steel containers.




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