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Patagonia Natural Wood Bowl/Tray

  • Reclaimed wood shaped into warm collection of serving bowls and trays
  • $35.00 - $205.00
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    This handsome series of bowls and trays, available exclusively at ABC Home, is handcrafted from fallen Lenga trees by the indigeneous Mapuche people of Chile and Argentina. So a purchase not only lands you with an amazing piece of warm, natural design, but also supports traditional Mapuche artistry, helping them protect their culture and their land.

    The collection includes four shapes and sizes: small (11.5" x 5.5"), round (13.5" diameter), large rectangular (9" x 19"), and XL rectangular (20" x 27.5").

    ABC Home is committed to sustainable forest stewardship. To learn more about their Goodwood program, click here.  




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