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Patagonia Wild Salmon Jerky

  • Outdoor apparel company ventures into sustainable snacks with these delicious salmon treats
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    On first glance, a collection of salmon jerky products seems like an unlikely brand extension for an outdoor apparel company. But when that company is Patagonia, which lives and breathes environmentalism, it actually makes sense. Launched under the newly unveiled Patagonia Provisions program, Wild Salmon Jerky is available in three flavors (sold here as a three-pack) using selectively harvested, river-caught wild sockeye salmon, and supporting sustainable economic growth in First Nations communities on the northern British Columbia coast.  

    "[The] selective-harvest techniques produce higher quality fish and, most importantly, allow non-target species to survive and spawn," explains Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard. "Our sourcing process has also made Patagonia Provisions the first fish-industry business working in active partnership with conservation NGOs."

    Watch a video about the project here.




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