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Self-Watering Planter by Joey Roth

  • This lovely, curvilinear planter uses an ancient irrigation system to water itself
  • $45.00
  • Buy it now
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    Just because we love plants doesn't mean we always remember to water them. At Dwell on Design's Remodelista Market, we found the perfect solution for the eager-but-lazy green thumb. The self-watering planter's smooth, curvilinear design comes courtesy of Joey Roth, who you might know as the man behind these amazing Ceramic Speakers.

    Roth's unglazed terracotta planter is inspired by a Native American irrigation technique known as olla, used to keep plants well-nourished in arid climates.

    "Olla irrigation involves just the slightest human intervention in natural processes," says Roth. "I wanted to bring the elegance of this irrigation method above ground and possibly indoors."

    Sounds about perfect for Los Angeles.

    The self-watering planter is available for pre-order today, with shipment scheduled for August.




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