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SLIDE 2 for iPhone 5

  • mu mu's handcrafted, sustainable iPhone case can be traded in later
  • $56.00
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    With new tech evolving faster than you can say, "Buy," last year's crucial tech accessory is this year's garbage. The team at mu mu, a UK design house that crafts Apple accessories in sustainable hardwoods, are reversing the trend by allowing customers to trade in their old mu mu cases for a discount on the latest version. Then the returned cases will be refashioned into new products. Smart.

    mu mu's new SLIDE 2 for iPhone 5 is produced using multi-laminar, FSC-certified hardwood blocks and no unnecessary plastics or resins. We haven't seen these in person yet, but they sure look lovely in pictures. You can pre-order now for shipment on October 29.

    Made in the UK.




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