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Solar Window Charger by XD Design

  • Give your devices a clean energy battery boost with this ingenious solar charger
  • $70.00
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    Here in sunny California, there's no excuse for not using solar pwoer to charge up our portable devices. This ingenious unit from XD Design, which sticks to the window to maximize exposure to the sun, makes it simple. With the photovoltaic panels facing placed against a window, you don't have to move it around to follow the sun and avoid the shade.

    On the base of the device are a full-size USB port and a mini-USB port for connecting portable devices in need of a clean energy battery boost (note: you'll need an adapter for the iPhone 5, with its new Lightning port). The charger itself contains a 1300 mAh Li-ion battery which takes around 13 hours of direct sunlight to reach full charge.




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