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Tea Towel Set by Hudson Made

  • Organic cotton/hemp tea towels sport old school graphics celebrating American craftsmanship
  • $94.00
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    There may be murmurs that the so-called "heritage" or "Americana" trend is dead, but before the backlash really takes hold but if you ask us, any movement that is driven by quality, local manufacturing is good by us, forever. That includes the stuff on offer from Hudson Made, such as these tea towels made of a super-absorbent blend of organic cotton and hemp. The tea towels pay homage to 19th-century American craftsmanship, sporting patent sketches of iconic American products, including a T-shape corkscrew, meat cleaver, percolator coffee pot and whisk (known then as a "whipper).

    Dimensions: 24.5" x 16.75"

    Made in USA.




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