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The Bross Table

  • From Chicago's Dock 312
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    At Dock 312 they believe that there are certain key elements of object design that are of the utmost concern to the modern individual.  Namely, that a design ought to be: 1) economical, 2) eco-friendly, 3) elegant and 4) functional.  It should reflect the taste, character and immediacy of the time in which it was created yet borrow inspiration and wisdom from designs and/or concepts that are timeless.  It ought to make the greatest use of the fewest resources.  It ought to be an object of beauty.  It ought to inspire yet retain its usefulness.

    Starting to get the picture of why it's so SHFTy?  

    round top: H - 24 in / 610 cm â–´ W - 24 in / 610 cm â–´ L - 24" / 610 cm




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