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Thinksound ts02 Headphones

  • Eco-friendly earbuds designed with audiophiles in mind
  • $79.99
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    When former Tivoli Audio engineers Aaron Fournier and Mike Tunney decided to start Thinksound, the goal was to create affordable, high quality headphones while keeping the company's footprint light. With these Thinksound ts02 ear buds, it sounds like everything is going according to plan. The ts02's handcrafted wooden housing flaunts an 8mm speaker that delivers a warm and accurate sound, fitted for an audiophile. The buds also feature PVC-free cables and come packaged in a minimal, recycled cardboard box. Offered in a rich chocolate/black finish, Thinksound ts02 headphones are compatible with any audio/media device.

    Comes with a one year warranty.




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