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Tsampa Soup by Patagonia

  • Organic soup mix inspired by Himalayan Sherpa cuisine
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    Patagonia's nascent range of food products, dubbed Patagonia Provisions, has a new offering in the form of Tsampa Soup, an organic veggie soup mix inspired by Yvon Chouinard's travels in Nepal. There, nearly 35 years ago, he was introduced to tsampa, a simple roasted grain staple that provides high-altitude fuel for Sherpa climbers on their Himalayan ascents. With organic Tsampa Soup, Patagonia has tweaked the original tsampa recipe, westernizing the flavors to create a convenient soup for outdoor adventures or in the comfort of home. 

    For more info about Tsampa Soup and its inspiration, check out this video.




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