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Brooklyn Farmer

  • Filmmaker Michael Tyburski profiles the world's biggest rooftop farm

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    If you're reading this, you're probably already familiar with Brooklyn Grange (if not, start here then go here). In Brooklyn Farmer, filmmaker Michael Tyburski follows the story of a small group of dedicated staff and volunteers, who turned unused space in the city into the world's biggest rooftop farm, producing over 120,000 pounds of food for the local community. Today the farm is looking to inspire other cities to follow its lead.

    “We can suddenly have these really beautiful and productive spaces in a city to thrive off of,” Tyburski told Nowness. “I’m seeing how it spreads and how people are getting excited about putting a farm on rooftops. They are real farmers, as much as you can be in a city. They’re not driving tractors, they’re riding bikes.”


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