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Chasing Ice: Trailer

  • Jeff Orlowski's gorgeous documentary, in theatres now, is a mandatory climate change wake-up call

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    It's been six years since An Inconvenient Truth won two Oscars and got everyone talking about climate change. Then the recession hit, and the climate debate faded into the background. Chasing Ice, a newly released documentary from filmmaker Jeff Orlowski, is the latest global warming wake-up call. The film documents the work of photographer and scientist James Balog, who spent five years shooting collapsing glaciers and melting ice sheets in the Arctic for his Extreme Ice Survey project. (The photos are collected in a book, Ice, featured on SHFT.) Orlowski followed Balog and his team across the frozen North, from the project’s earliest days in Iceland and on to the vast glaciers of Greenland. The breathtaking time-lapse sequences of ice "calving" (when huge blocks of ice break off from glaciers) are worth the price of admission alone. Necessary viewing. 


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