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  • Winter animated short by Eric Power

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    Animator, Eric Power does extraordinary work. With Drifwood, he made the short for Troika Moonshine 300, a group of writers who are tasked with creating short stories (300 words or less) based on 3 words given to them by another artist. Power was allowed to interpret his words visually. The words were: driftwood, poncho, and sacrificial. The piece is a beautiful example of art and nature - ars natura, as our Karl Burkart puts it. Enjoy this winter haiku.


    Cloud Cult, "Running With the Wolves"

  • Another animation win from Eric Power
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  • Stanley Vacuum Food Jar

  • A indestructible winter classic, in iconic hammertone green
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  • Blame Climate Change for Extreme Winter Weather

  • Scientists link winter storms to increased moisture in the air due to climate cahnge.
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