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Grizzly Bear "Ready, Able"

  • Allison Schulnik directs outstanding vid for Grizzly Bear

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    Mindbending piece of stop-motion claymation by LA artist Allison Schulnik, set to second single off Grizzly Bear's hit album Veckatimest, released last year.

    Creating animation this mesmerizing is not easy work, as Schulnik explained in LA Weekly:

    "I did an average of about 18 frames/second. I think I animated about 8 minutes, cut it down to 4:30. So I sculpted around 9,000 frames.

    "It was tough. I decided to have a lake, which was made from hair gel. I had to sculpt it along with everything else for every frame. I think I probably did 12-hour days, 7 days a week, for a good 9 weeks straight. That's just the animation part."

    We thank you, Ms. Schulnik, for working so hard to blow our minds. We're officially lazy.

    Visit Schulnik’s official website and check out her latest exhibition in LA.


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