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Heslet Honey: From Scratch

  • Lovely short vid by Eric Wolfinger documents honey harvesting in San Francisco's Telegraph Hill

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    Founded by Kate McGee along with her two young boys, Heslet Honey harvests sweet, golden honey from a few wooden beehives located on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco. Part of a San Francisco pilot program that provides public space for urban ag projects, Heslet Honey takes its name from Valetta Heslet, who transformed the area from garbage dump to garden starting in the late '40s. From March through September, when the flowers are in bloom, McGee spends sunny weekends harvesting honey with her kids, a craft she learned at the Green Gulch Zen Center in Marin. This lovely short film from photographer Eric Wolfinger follows the Heslet Honey harvesting process, from hive to jar. Warning: you might get hungry.


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