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SHFT and LOCV's PSA on climate change denying congressmen

  • Science Fair Nightmare

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    There are over 100 Members of Congress who deny the basic science of climate change. That's nearly 25 percent. Meanwhile, young people overwhelmingly share scientists' grave concerns about climate change and worry about its deadly effects on the world. That's why kids are the stars of "Science Fair Failure," a short film produced by LCV and SHFT. In the clip, directed by Andy Cobb and narrated by SHFT's own Adrian Grenier, a denyin' Congressman faces off with some fourth-graders at a science fair. Watch as the kids show just how smart he is, before he becomes unhinged and gets thrown out.

    Satire though it may be, the bit is based in reality. Former Republican Congressman Bob Inglis attributed his transformation on climate change to encouragement from his son. Retired Republican Senator John Warner said that his late-career commitment to climate change was due in part to his children and grandchildren.

    So when you get a chance, or extreme weather comes to your neck of the woods, remember to tell your members of Congress: it's time to act on climate change! #ScienceSaysSo


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