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The Empathic Civilization

  • Jeremy Rifkind on the evolution of empathy—and how it could save the earth.

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    The central thesis of 'The Empathic Civilization,' the bestseller by political adviser and renewable energy proponent Jeremy Rifkind, is that people's innate capacity for empathy will ensure that we make the shift from carbon based energy and stop climate change. In this short animation produced by the RSA, the talented folks at Cognitive Media brilliantly bring Rifkind's ideas to life.


    Young Galaxy, "Blown Minded"

  • Gorgeous animation by Carine Khalife
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  • Stewart/Stand Bi-Fold Wallet

  • Made from recycled stainless steel and houndstooth tweed.
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  • SHFT Sampler 7-15-10

  • From a next-gen EV charger to the top eco-volunteer vacations, here are your weekly links from around the web.
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