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The Scarecrow: A Short Film on Factory Farming

  • Amazing animation takes on mass-produced food (also, it's a Chipotle ad)

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    The animation geniuses from Moonbot Studios score a short film win with "The Scarecrow," an expertly crafted story about the evils of factory farming. Oh, and did we mention it's also a Chipotle ad?

    Scored by Fiona Apple’s cover of “Pure Imagination” (remember this?), the beautifully haunting video stars a lone scarecrow who experiences the dystopian world of mass produced meat and sets off to start a sustainable food stand.

    As a neatly disguised promo for Chipotle's free iOS game, "The Scarecrow" continues with the chain's non-traditional attempts to live up to its mission statement of "food with integrity." Paired with real-life efforts like the company's July announcement of plans to strip its menu items of GMO ingredients, advertising like this goes a long way. Bravo, Chipotle.

    (h/t Slate)


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