About SHFT

SHFT is a lifestyle brand founded in 2010 by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier with a mission to create and aggregate content that entertains, inspires, and nudges sustainable ideas into mainstream culture. We feel that film, art, and culture are powerful and inspiring means to move people emotionally and that SHFT is our particular tool to tell these stories. 

We try to look at the environment through a different lens. Our approach is to appeal to the human desire for discovery; to never persuade or preach; to always entertain and inspire. We feel there is great pleasure in having a more conscious approach to the way we live. Life is more enjoyable and the desire to share things and ideas with the people we care about gets brought into focus. At SHFT we look for this in everything.

SHFT fully embraces the idea that consumers have the power to make change. Businesses respond to the demands of their customers. SHFT celebrates the burgeoning sustainable marketplace where great design and innovation meet earth friendly practices. We vote with our dollars and can have a powerful impact when we do.

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Peter Glatzer


Peter Glatzer is an independent film producer with six films to his credit, including the Sundance hit THE GRAVE and the Tim Roth/Renee Zellweger thriller DECEIVER.  He has made films and created television shows for HBO, Miramax, Fox, MGM and Discovery. Prior to producing, he was the Executive Director of the Hamptons Film Festival and the creator of the IFP Gotham Awards.

In 2006 he started to look for sustainable options for himself and found a dearth of scattered information, which led to his partnership with Adrian Grenier and the creation of their TV show ALTER ECO  for Discovery’s Planet Green.  The two launched SHFT with a mission to curate and position sustainably designed products and ideas and nudge them into mainstream culture. 

Carly Quaggan

Project Manager

Carly Quaggan is SHFT's Project Manager. Born in Vancouver and raised in Phoenix, she earned her degree in Fashion Merchandising and International Business from Cal State Long Beach. Carly has worked with a variety of global fashion brands in New York and Paris, as well as independent projects building brands for musicians and artists. Now based in Los Angeles, she is dedicated to her career in design, culture, and sustainability.

Nathan Malachowski

Lead Developer

Nathan is a designer, web developer and UX specialist who has spent over 20 years in the tech industry developing websites and applications for companies such as Apple, Nike and WP Engine. Additionally he has worked on many independent projects including developing public interactive art installations, visual performances for theatrical productions and creating live animated visuals for events. He enjoys all things nerdy and techy, and is the lead developer and technical director for SHFT

Tess Diamond

Editor at Large

Tess Diamond lives in and works in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts where she owned and operated a diversified organic farm for nearly a decade. With an academic background in food systems+policy and human biology, Tess now uses her knowledge as a Registered Nurse to focus on the intersection of environmental and human health. Tess has collaborated with SHFT since its inception and delights in sharing her love of art and sustainable design with the SHFT community. 

Founding Partner

Samsung believes that our choices today determine a sustainable tomorrow. Samsung has been reimagining its products to build environmental sustainability into everything they do, from innovative product design and packaging, to energy-saving technology and recycling. They have diverted 5.07 million metric tons of e-waste from landfills since 2009, and helped customers avoid over 334 million metric tons of CO2 emissions through energy-efficient products — the equivalent of taking over 71 million cars off the road for an entire year. It takes collective everyday changes to create a meaningful impact on our planet. We can do more together.