Hollie & Harrie Sombrilla

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Aussie design duo Hollie & Harrie answer the call for stylish, airy sun protection with their brightly colored Sombrilla. Offered in three colors — Morrocan Blue, Beach Yellow and French Stripe — the Sombrilla is big enough to shade the whole family.

“With five very active children between us, we adore the beach and outdoors but dread the sunburn,” they say on their site. “We are very ‘sun smart’ but find the existing beach tents on the market too stifling, provide no natural air flow and our children do not enjoy sitting in them.”

The Sombrilla comes with:

1 3300mm x 1800mm Sombrilla Canopy
2 6ft Poles (separates in the middle)
1 Crossbar (separates in the middle)
4 Ropes & Pegs
1 Bag with shoulder strap