Mushlume Lighting by Danielle Trofe

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What if instead of making products out of petroleum-based plastics and non-renewable materials, we used natural, sustainable materials? What if instead of our goods ending up in landfills, they could biodegrade in our backyards?

The MushLume lighting collection redefines what interior objects are made from and encourages a departure from conventional materials. By tapping into a unique material science such as mushroom mycelium, we can begin to reimagine a more sustainable future. All the lamps are GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms.  They’re organic, sustainable and biodegradable!

All the lamps are GROWN, not manufactured, from mushrooms. Through a partnership with Ecovative, they are able to grow lamp shades using their extensive mushroom mycelium research, tested technology and patented growing process. The growth process uses agricultural byproducts, such as seed husks and corn stalks, and combines them with liquid mushroom mycelium. The mycelium then binds with these components and grows for several days in custom molds. When the growth process is complete, the material is heated and dried, ending the growth cycle. At the end of its life, the mushroom material can be broken into smaller pieces, then added to your backyard compost