SAYL Chair by Herman Miller

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Shopping for an office chair isn’t an easy task. Sure, we’d all be happy with an Aeron chair, but only if someone else was paying. At the other end, there’s always Walmart but, uhhh, no thanks. Herman Miller has our answer in the SAYL Chair, designed to offer high design at an affordable price.

Created by sustainable design guru Yves Behar, the SAYL family of work chairs feature “suspension” style backing inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, near Behar’s San Francisco home.

Apart from affordability, what makes the SAYL chair attractive are its eco credentials. The work chairs are MBDC Silver Cradle to Cradle certified, meaning that they’re composed of environmentally safe materials, designed for material reuse in a closed-loop system, such as recycling or composting, and assembled using 100% renewable energy.

Get the full environmental story here [PDF].