‘Sustainable [R]evolution’ by Juliana Birnbaum & Louis Fox

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Sustainable [R]evolution brings together urban gardeners, native seed-saving collectives and ecovillage developments in a lavish book about the burgeoning permaculture movement. Edited by anthropologist Juliana Birnbaum and award-winning filmmaker Louis Fox, the book features the work of a worldwide network of visionaries, including journalists, activists, indigenous leaders and permaculturists. The beautifully photographed collection of interviews, profiles, and essays covers 60 community-based projects in diverse climates across the planet, making this the one book on permaculture you definitely need.

“Permaculture isn’t just another way of growing food, it’s a culture different from ours, a culture making peace with the world in every way. See it at work in this book. You’ll be astonished. I was.” – Daniel Quinn, author of Ishmael

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