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Nightingale and Canary

Bird sounds visualized by Andy Thomas

Australian artist Andy Thomas created this wondrous short animation using abstract shapes that respond to the songs of a nightingale and a canary. The recorded bird sounds are from the archives of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision in Hilversum. A specialist in "audio life forms," Thomas experiments with nature and technology by taking photos of plants, insects, and machines more

Nature Rx Part 1

Prescription Strength

And now, here's just what the doctor ordered for more

Jellyfish Lake

Sublime snorkeling video by Sarosh Jacob

On Eli Malik island in the South Pacific nation of Palau lies Jellyfish Lake, home to a unique species of harmless jellyfish. Adventure photographer Sarosh Jacob dove into the lake armed with a Canon 5D Mark II and fisheye lens with underwater housing, and cobbled together this gem from the footage. From his description: These fascinating creatures survive by sharing a more


From the Upthink Lab via Collectively

This is green porn in the best sense possible. Time lapse and nature always tend to hook us.  But this one is, as our friends at Collectivley put it, a stand out.  Throw in a quote from John Muir, and there's your real money shot. From meandering streams and forest-dwelling organisms to the grandeur of high mountains above tree-line, this short wanders through the more

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis On Growing Up In Seattle's Outdoors

From the good folks at The Nature Conservancy

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis discuss what it was like growing up in Seattle's outdoors. Watch as they discuss growing up on Capitol Hill in Seattle and how nature's beauty influenced them. Mackelmore describes how he started rapping and freestyling when he was hanging out at parks at night. more


Short film by Adrian Grenier, and part of We The Economy series

Are natural resources vital to the economy? Why should nature be taken into account when looking at the economy as a whole? A Bee's Invoice uncovers and incorporates the hidden value of natural capital in the measurement of our economy. Directed by Adrian Grenier Produced by Peter Glatzer and Robin Garvick A SHFT Production In association with Reckless Productions Animation more

A BEE'S INVOICE, An Interview with the Director

Interview with Adrian on the short film he directed (and SHFT produced) about the hidden value of nature.

Two stellar production companies, Vulcan Productions (Paul and Jody Allen's company) and Cinelan (Morgan Spurlock's collective) approached SHFT to create a short film as part of their ambitious series, We the Economy. The project features 20 short films by 20 world-class directors, in an effort to demystify 20 economic concepts. Obviously, we said yes. We proposed a film about the hidden value more

Hotel Nowhere - KAMTCHATKA

Nixon Surf Challenge, stunning Man vs Nature imagery

Each year, Nixon organise one of the wildest and remote surf contests on the planet.  Ten of the best European surfers are invited to an unknown surf destination, to battle against their own fears & human limits without the pressures of the public or the press. An unexpected quest, one where the only enemy is yourself and your best ally is nature, in its rawest, purest form. In more

Neko Case "People Got A Lotta Nerve"

Animated girl vs. nature tale illustrated by Julie Morstad

A quick scan through Neko Case's always-entertaining Twitter feed shows that the singer is a big fan of animals. More proof is found in this video for "People Got A Lotta Nerve," a track from 2009's Middle Cyclone. Yes, it's ancient by internet standards, but it's new to us and the animation by Canadian illustrator Julie Morstad is, well, perfect. Neko's empathy for more

Crystal Fighters, "You & I"

UK band heads back to nature in the video for their catchy new single

An anthropromorphic tree and a toe-tapping bird star in the new video for Crystal Fighters’ latest single, "You & I." Directed by Elliot Sellers, the video combines puppetry, stop-motion-animation, and live action to tell the story of this pair of besties, who don't do much other than hang out and groove to the beat of the track until, eventually, Mr. Tree meets a devastating fate. more