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The Truth About Climate Change

Legendary naturalist Richard Attenborough explains what convinced him about climate change.

In this clip, a graph attributes the rise in global temperature to human more

The Nuclear Question

Leading energy thinkers debate government financial support for nuclear power.

This week, the Obama administration approved financial support for two new nuclear reactors in Georgia—the first plants built in the United States since the 1970s. Do nuclear power’s virtues (zero greenhouse emissions) outweigh its vices (cost and waste disposal)? That's the question posed to a group of academics and policy wonks on The New York Times' Room For Debate more

Night Stroll

Geometric light projections animated in the Tokyo night by Tao Tajima

Here is a really cool short from Tao Tajima featuring footage from the streets around his Tokyo home. In Night Stroll, discovered on Colossal, we see geometric shapes made of light interspersed throughout the darkened streets of suburban Tokyo. The animated shapes were created (we think) by tracking the footage with 3D computer graphics software before adding CG shapes and more

Landform Projections by Jim Sanborn

Prolonged exposures and projected light offer new perspectives on landscapes

American artist Jim Sanborn is probably best known for his mysterious Kryptos sculpture at CIA headquarters, or for his vast body of work dealing with radiation and nuclear experimentation. But it's his "Topographic Projections and Implied Geometries" photo series that looks most interesting to Earth-nerds like us. Shot at night, the photos use long shutter speeds and more

Global Green Room Interview: Peter Glatzer

Global Green talks to SHFT co-founder

Interested in living a more sustainable life, film producer Peter Glatzer started by making better — and greener — consumer choices, and then he set out to help guide others on the same path. He created Planet Green’s "Alter Eco" TV show with actor and activist Adrian Grenier and then the two launched SHFT, a lifestyle website for the environmentally conscious. Below, more

Van Gogh's The Bedroom Turned Into Airbnb

From The Art Institute Of Chicago

At the Art Institute of Chicago, it’s now possible to stay in a bedroom that Vincent van Gogh had immortalized through his post-Impressionist work. His iconic painting titled The Bedroom was translated into a life-size replica and features all of the details from its namesake, including: thick, sculptural brush strokes; distressed green floorboards; and a haphazard arrangement of more

Red Stripe Indoor-Outdoor Tepee

Fun for the kids for the back yard or the playroom $211.65

Kids don't always want to play indoors. And neither do teepees. That's why our exclusive In, Out, All About Teepee was designed with a durable construction that makes it great for outdoor more

Wax Coated Canvas Travel Kit by Will Leather Goods

Durable, heritage-inspired bathroom kit $70.00

Will's wax coated canvas travel kit is inspired by the post-WWII era when industrial workers depended on durable waxed canvas bags to carry their gear to and from the factory. Trimmed with natural vegetable-tanned leather, the kit will easily hold up to the rigors of modern day travel. It features a top zip enclosure, interior zip pocket, four slip pockets, and three elastic bottle holders. more

Deep Sea 'Mushrooms' Defy Classification In The Tree Of Life

This is Dendrogramma enigmatica. And as its name suggests, it's quite the enigma.

In fact, the tiny, mushroom-shaped organism is so mysterious that it seems to defy just about everything we know about animals. It doesn't fit into any of the known categories in the animal kingdom, scientists say, and as of now, its links to other animal groups remain hazy. Recently, D. enigmatica was thrown into the spotlight when Jean Just, a zoologist at the Natural History more