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Ezra Vine "Celeste"

Fantastical video from director/animator Parallel Teeth

New Zealand-born, London-based director/animator Rob Wallace (aka Parallel Teeth) made this moving illustration for "Celeste," the debut track from fellow Kiwi Ezra Vine. The song is described by the multi-instrumentalist as "an exploration of confusion as well as optimism, and the often blurred lines between reality and desire." The animated interpretation from Wallace and fellow more

Ben Hai

Surreal Animation Through China's Southeast Countryside

This is just plain different.  Animation by Rob Jabbaz with music by Howie more

Tumultuous Traffic in Ho Chi Minh City

This time-lapse clip from Rob Whitworth captures ordered chaos in Vietnam's largest city

We habitants of Los Angeles might think we know a thing or two about traffic, but as this clip shows, we don't have nothin' on Ho Chi Minh City. During his travels in Southeast Asia, UK photographer Rob Whitworth shot over 10,000 photos of traffic weaving through the streets and waterways of Vietnam's largest city, where urban congestion is taken to a whole other level. The result is more

The Apparitions "God Monkey Robot"

Animated collage madness from director Rob Shaw.

In this video for southern indie rockers The Apparitions, Rob Shaw uses a collage of animation techniques to portray a nightmarish vision of consumer culture. CG, cutout, graphic and stop motion animation techniques come together to achieve a truly singular style. Produced by Bent Image Lab in Portland. more

Love Letter to Food

Dear food, we love you so much we can't get enough of you. And that's the problem.

Dear food, we love you so much we can't get enough of you. And that's the problem.A study highlighting Americans' unhealthy over-obsession of food was turned into a hilarious video that spoofs how much Americans overindulge and the wasteful side effects.The average person wastes 1,500 food calories per day — about 40% of the country's food supply — according more

Tarp Surfing

No waves? No problem. Watch these UK shredders get barreled in a parking lot

With no surf in the Channel Islands for eight weeks, the members of UK design agency The Observatory took matters into their own hands. With a giant blue tarp and some skateboards in hand, they headed to a big parking lot to catch some barrels. Tarp surfing has been around for a while, but this video scores extra points for great shooting and editing, and for the excellent choice of soundtrack more

Tame Impala, "Half Full Glass of Wine"

Rad collage-style animation by Special Problems.

Aussie psych-sters Tame Impala have put out no less than three great videos for songs off their 2010 record Innerspeaker (this one, this one, and this one), all of which nicely complement their hallucinogenic sound. But we somehow weren't aware of this superb animation that came out a couple years ago. It was created by Campbell Hooper and Joel Kefali, aka New Zealand creative studio more

Pete Lawrie "Paperthin"

Emotional stop motion mastery from Hettie Griffiths and Rob Jarvis.

If you've ever lost a pet, this little bit of paper craft goodness, created for Welsh singer/songwriter Pete Lawrie, is guaranteed to leave you misty-eyed. The end kills us. We gotta know: do they find one another again? Oh god, please say yes! more