Ban the Bag - A PSA From SHFT (ft. Radiohead)

California could become the first state to ban the single use plastic bag. You know them — the black one that you’re forced to use over a six pack of beer (even though you can carry the six pack using it’s handles), the classic white ‘Thank You’ bag with red writing that you get when you purchase just about anything.

When they don’t make it to the landfill, they wind up littering our streets and neighborhoods, and worse, blow into the ocean and join the massive plastic gyre the size of Texas that will float in perpetuity. It’s a problem. We decided to make a SHFT PSA to support this bill.

AB 1998 has passed the state Assembly already, the Governator has sung it’s praises, and it heads to the Senate this August. We’ve made it really easy to have your voice heard. We’ve set up a landing page for this video where you can put in your information and it automatically sends it to your legislator, based on address and zip code. God bless the technology — now lets get the Senate to be sensible and continue to lead the country on the environmental issues, as we’ve always done.

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  • Length 00:35