Bon Iver, "Holocene"

Though we’ve never been there, Iceland is a bit of an obsession ’round SHFT. The official video for “Holocene” — the standout second single off Bon Iver‘s eponymous second album — does nothing to temper our fixation. Director Nabil Elderkin represents the Icelandic landscape as a sort of fairy tale land (precisely what we imagine it to be in real life), through which a wool-clad boy walks on a solo adventure. The kid cuts a diminutive stance in the magnificent landscape, emphasizing human’s irrelevance relative to the Earth at large. As the boy walks and the sun rises in the sky, Justin Vernon sings the chorus, “I could see for miles, miles, miles” — a perfectly matched pairing of song and image.

For more, check out the equally beautiful, similarly-themed unofficial video for the same song.

  • Category Music
  • Length 05:46