Delorean "Unhold" feat. Caroline Polachek

Barcelona electro-pop act Delorean have delivered a video for “Unhold,” starring guest vocalist Caroline Polachek of Chairlift. The clip was shot on location at the Opus 40, a 6 1/2 acre bluestone sculpture park built over the course of four decades by one man, Harvey Fite. There’s an odd aura about the place, and director Eric Epstein adds to it with a trippy warping effect that stretches limbs and bends walls.

“We were looking for an outdoor location to contrast with the studio, with dimensions to make use of the effect we were using,” says Epstein. “The moving footage is resolved to a flat plane, so that everything in relief from that surface skews and stretches.”

“Unhold” is from Delorean’s Apar LP, out now on True Panther.

  • Category Art
  • Length 03:44